Kaltun Mining

Kaltun Mining started its activities in the early 1960s. The Kaltun group has grown with its unique dynamism, product and production quality and of course professional staff year by year. Today, with approximately 850 employees, it has become a global leading company supplying to ceramic tile, glass, composite stone and paint industries.

Kaltun Group consists of 15 companies, of which 9 are industrial raw material producers and traders, 3 are energy producers, 2 are agriculture and animal husbandry, and 1 is in shipbuilding.

Kaltun Mining is the market leader in Na Feldspar and Quartz production and world’s one of the leading companies in its sector. With wide range of production capacity, Kaltun Mining mainly supplies to ceramics, glass and coating industries for export market and as well as domestic end users.

Kaltun Mining, which performs 35 % of Turkey`s Sodium Feldspar exports, is among the very well known companies in the world in feldspar production.